Working Weeks

Cromwell – Sunday, 30 January 2011

Before starting our work week on Monday in Cromwell we spent the weekend in the wee old gold mining town of St Bathans. Apart from an accidental man made lake (from gold mining), the only thing standing is the old Vulcan Hotel where we had a cold pint.

The Old Vulcan Hotel

We nearly missed our first day at work as a herd of cows blockaded the road to Cromwell. The calves were super cute, the drooling well hung maximum sized bull on the other hand was pretty scary!

Cow Blockade

With our newly purchased working clothes and matching blue hats, straight from the Warehouse (where everyone gets a bargain!), we arrived at 7.50 am at work. Which was conveniently located across the street from our campsite. Our new employer: Akarua Vineyard.

The Vineyards

Week 1: Cutting off double branches of extremely bushy vines. Akarua assured us no chemicals were used on their vineyard, no, only natural sulfur, lucky us! We smelled like hell, literally. We probably won’t die from it though, as we saw some newborn baby birdies in the vine trees.

Mini birdies!

Fortunately the people that started with us were really nice. Owen and Anna, a cute married British couple, Sara and Kyla, 2 funny NZ girls and Ricardo, a weird Argentinian/Nicaraguan German. We survived the endlessly boring job because of their company.

We had the weekend off and spent most of the time relaxing in the sun at the lake with a few beers. We deserved them!

Lazy day by the lake
Water Fight

Week 2: Cutting off grape bunches. Very exiting, NOT! Men in our group dropped like flies. Ricardo left after the weekend and Andrew gave up on Tuesday (well actually he went to earn more money than 11 NZDollar an hour by doing his computer thingy).

The working week ended in a BBQ brawl with our new friends and KenIan the supervisor and his lovely wife. We got proper pissed (ah the great British language) and said our goodbyes the next morning. Hopefully we’ll meet them again on our journey.

Coming up soon.. Spectacular wild life and Lucy running out of juice on a steep hill. See you soon!