Bundaberg – Thursday, 18 November 2010

The stop we were very much looking forward to: Bundaberg, the Australian Rum Capital. We had the opportunity to visit the Millaquin Sugar Mill, run by Finasucre, in Bundaberg. Two mustached men, Mark and Guiseppe, gave us a grand tour of both the Sugar Mill and the Sugar Refinery. We had no idea it took so much time and steps to produce a tea spoon of sugar from raw Sugar Cane. Respect! Both gentlemen were super friendly and we really enjoyed the visit and the sugar tasting. Brown sugar for the win!

Millaquin Mill

After the tour we went to the town to buy Bundaberg’s finest Bundy Rum! And enjoyed our first sips with a beach view at Bargara. We loved the view so much we stayed there overnight and weren’t woken up by the police this time :) The morning view was spectacular.

Morning in Bargara

We are very ashamed of it, but the next day we fell for our first Tourist Trap: The South Kolan “Mystery” Craters. What are they? How were they created? And why? All these questions didn’t make it much more interesting than a few holes in the garden of a local South Kolan farmer. However, we did see a real life (plastic) Dinosaur. Aaaargh, run Mel, run! All in all, we did have a good laugh but felt a bit ripped off.

Mystery Craters
Aaargh a Dinosaur

We drove further North, up to the picturesque towns of Agnes Water and “The Town of 1770”. We walked around the beach up to a far away lighthouse were we saw a group of super cute wallabies. They weren’t alarmed by seeing us and jolly jumped around.

Cute Wallabies

The next stop was the town Andrew was looking forward to with great excitement: Rockhampton, Beef Capital of Australia. Before digging into the meat, we dipped ourselves into Australian indigenous culture: The Dreamtime Cultural Center. A place where Mainlanders and Aboriginals tell their stories. The stories were very interesting, but the coolest part was clearly when we were shown how to throw a real boomerang! They really do fly back!

Afterwards, we parked George close to the Fitzroy river, against Mel’s liking as there was a sign saying “Beware, Crocodiles”. After a stroll in town we spoiled ourselves with a fresh Four X Schooner of Beer (=0.5L). We had diner in the Bush Inn Bar & Grill, a famous local All-Aussie pub. The plates we received were huge! They had more food than we normally eat in three days! But the steak and the salmon were yummie.

This brings us to today. This morning we visited the free Rockhampton Zoo and saw all the indigenous creatures that roam Australia. Highly recommended!

Sleepy Koala Kangaroos
Crocodile Dingo

In the avro (afternoon in Aussie), we felt adventurous and went Kayaking in Lake Causeway, near Emu Park. It was nice but wet, both from the rain as well as from the non professional way we used our peddles in the water.


After the adventure we took an evening stroll and saw some Sea Turtles from a lookout on the top of Bluff Point Cliff. Tomorrow we have a big day ahead as we will be going inland to Blackdown Tableland National Park.

Evening Stroll