Raindrops are falling on our heads

Blackdown Tableland National Park – Sunday, 21 November 2010

A small gravel road let us to Blackdown Tableland National Park. When we reached the Horseshoe Lookout, things were still looking good: there were some clouds, but nothing too bad. The view was lovely.

Horseshoe Lookout

In the middle of our second walk in the Blackdown Tableland NP to the Rainbow Waters, the track was suddenly cut off by an overflowing creek.

Too Much Water

Maybe this was a warning of things to come, but did we notice it? No, optimists as we are, we parked George at the camping site and enjoyed our evening with a bit of Bundyrum and light reading. We went to bed with the idea that the next day we would enjoy the walk up to the great Tabletop lookout.

Aaah, the Rum

But then.. Hell broke loose! Or at least the sky broke open and rain started pouring down upon George and didn’t stop until two days later.

The next day we bravely started the morning walk, all zipped up in jackets, but again nature had another plan:

Nature Struck Again
Faterfall that shouldn't be there

Although it rained a lot and we hardly finished any walks, Blackdown Tablelands NP was worth the detour.

We left the National Park and drove 400km to Mackay, “a city with Metropolitan allures” according to the Lonely Planet travel guide. Well maybe we have a different definition of Metropolitan, but would you call five parallel streets and a small marina “Metropolitan”? As it was still raining quite hard we went to the local cinema to see the newest Harry Potter movie. It was double the fun as the Australian crowd watched the movie with passionate ooohs, aaahs, scares and even a little iejuw when we saw Harry almost naked.

The next day it was still raining so we decided to take George for a ride. We took a map and randomly chose a few towns on our way up to our next stop, Airlie Beach. Because of this we saw some amazing views and cute little villages. For example: we did the very difficult track to Andrew’s (what’s in a name?) Point in Cape Hillsborough National Park.

Andrew's Point

We took some gravel roads with beautiful views near a small village called Habana (and no they didn’t sell cigars). We also had a huge deserted beach to ourselves in Midge Point. Because we had no viewers we had a wee bit of fun with the camera.

Melanie Jumps
Andrew Jumps

Underage drunk people, private ensuite bathrooms, roaring jet boat engines and crazy Aussie ex-navy pilot captains. Read it all on our next blog! Comming up soon, so stay tuned on Lovely-Planet.org!