George On Our Minds

Cairns – Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Georgie, georgie, … We knew we were taking him for his last drive. A small roadtrip from Mission Beach to Cairns. It was a beautiful last trip. The landscape was amazing, with tropical rainforests, green mountains and banana tree plantations surrounding the last 100kms of Bruce Highway.

Our first stop along the way was Josephine Falls in Bellender Ker National Park. After a spiderless walk we were surprised to find such a big and lovely waterfall deep in the rainforest. Unfortunately we didn’t had our swimwear on. The Fall’s bottom basin had the clearest water without any snakes, crocodilles, sharks or stingers. We did dip our feet in the cool fresh water.

Josephine Falls

We drove a few kms further to Babinda to see its Boulders. We’re still unsure why they call the rocks “Boulders” but it seems like the erosion here is considered unique.. We just thought the view was nice :)

Babinda Boulders

And then, way too soon, after driving 4700kms with George, we arrived in Cairns. We slept one last time in George and we took him for a treat the next morning: Carwash! Actually it was also a treat for us as the carwash system here is the coolest ever! You get to play with a high pressure hose and a foaming brush with 7 presets. And all this fun for 1AUD per 1.45 minutes. Besides a carwash – and this is no joke – there was also a dogwash. Its really just what the word describes: a carwash for dogs.

With tears in our eyes we said our goodbyes to George, who was apparently already given a name by Wicked Van: “Amelia”. Say Whaat? This can’t be his real name. He’s obviously a dude!

Comfy living room Legroom
The dining table The Kitchen

Although we were saddened by George’s loss, our Hostel for the night eased the pain:

Northen Greenhouse Cairns

We spent our time in Cairns chillaxin and planning our Red-Center-getaway and the second roadtrip from Melbourne back to Sydney. Cairns itself was crowded on Sunday by sunbathers near the city lagoon. We found some peace and quiet by the Marina.

Cairns Marina
Melanie on The Esplanade

We post this from Cairns Airport where we will hop on the plane to Ayer’s Rock in 10 minutes.