Mad Cows and Gigantic Spiders

Townsville – Saturday, 27 November 2010

From Townsville we took the Ferry to Magnetic Island, an island according to the brochures that has 320 days of sun a year. As promised it was a sunny day! Magnetic Island has 4 main areas: Nelly Bay, Arcadia, Picnic Bay and Horseshoe Bay. The best way to visit them all is by taking a daily pass on the local somewhat hippy style busses. So we took a bus to Picnic Bay and started our first walk up to a big granite boulder which provided some amazing views over the island and Townsville.


Besides the walk we strolled around in charming little Picnic Bay. We walked down the Jetty and had a beer in the local bar where the bus driver also had his first pit-stop.

Picnic Bay Jetty

The bus driver took us to Horseshoe Bay on the other side of the island where he had his second pit-stop, and so did we. Friendly warning: don’t order a Seafood Salad/Fisherman’s Basket when you want something healthy, as it is all deep fried in greasy fat. (even the coquille st jacques) bweurk! To compensate the intake of that “food”, we decided to walk it all off.

In stead of going by bus, we discovered all the island’s beaches on foot. First up the very private Balding Bay (only accessible through a steep walk down the rocks). It’s for Naked People! We didn’t strip naked, but we did get loco!

Dancing on a Nude Beach
Nipple Gate

Next up: Radical Beach, with Radical high Palm Trees and Radical strong winds.

Palm Trees @ Radical Beach

After a few hours of walking we got tired and took a bus & ferry back to the mainland and went to bed early.

The next day we roadtripped! Along the coastal Bruce Highway we drove past more beaches and had a lazy morning with a book on one of the beaches. In the afternoon we drove up to Paluma, a small village up in the clouds and surrounded by rainforest. We explored the area and drove back down to Ingham. We camped at Forest Beach on a caravan park which we had almost to ourselves with a phenomenal sea view! This called for celebration!

Madness at Forest Beach Camping

After a wild & crazy night of partying (not really, we went to bed at 9), we had the plan to visit Australia’s highest Falls: Wallaman Falls. However, we encountered heavy resistance from the local cattle patrolling the area! It started with a dangerous trip through a minefield of cow-poo, then past a blockade of angry horned bulls and sleeping calfs who looked like they shouldn’t be awoken.

Horned Bull Blockade

Georgy stood strong and slowly honked his way past the blockade and we were rewarded with an amazing view of the Wallaman Falls.

Wallaman Falls

We ended the day in Mission Beach, were we faced mortal danger in the form of a huge spider. Really, it was gigantic, as big as an open hand (we’re not kidding). Those spiders probably feed on small birds (or children).

Spider Attack

Tomorrow we should finally arrive in Cairns, if we survive the night! We secretly look forward to leaving the tropical region and its deviously oversized insects and spiders..