Kia Ora

Auckland – Saturday, 18 December 2010

Kia Ora, or Wilcom in New Zealand English. We arrived at Auckland Airport wednesday evening and after an hour of customs checks we took the bus into the City. After a month and a half of living in a van, we were so overwhelmed by the size, comfort and view of the apartment we rented.

The Master Bedroom
This is a lot bigger than in a van

It’s located on the 26th floor of one of Auckland’s tallest buildings. We’ve got a view over the harbour, the Skytower, Queen Street, etc… A late evening stroll in town immediately proved this city rocks! Charming bars with terraces and relatively cheap drinks can be found on every corner and every street. Yes!

View from our terrace

As we were saying, we live on the 26th floor, so the next morning we were in the clouds when we woke up. Literally. For a minute it looked like we would have a white christmas after all.

Then, our quest for a NZ bank account, IRD number, local phone number and campervan began. This quest was very time consuming so we haven’t been able to visit the city yet. Except from a few bars near our apartment and the Belgian Beer Cafe, where we had massively huge mussels with frietjes.

Its Huge! Mmm Mussels

All our work payed off: we are now the proud owners of Lucy, a charming red ‘92 Toyota Estima Lucida with a 4 cylinder, 2,184 cc diesel engine and 413.000km on the odometer. Actually, when you think about it, we not only bought our first car, we also bought our first house together! The house warming will be just a small party, as only two persons at a time can come in :)

Cool Little Lucy

We’re now off to celebrate our hopefully perfect acquisition. Tomorrow we will take Lucy for her first big drive with us. The plan is to try and find a sunny spot somewhere between all the clouds.