Ozzie Exit

Blackheath – Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It were our last few days in Australia, so we made the very best of it and visited every town that our travel guide mentioned. That’s how we ended up in Mallacoota, a windy town by the lake. Thursday morning, after a wobbly night of thunderstorms in the van, we took a walk along the beach while the skies cleared up.

Mallacoota Beach Walk

After the 7km walk we went off to Eden, were there was nothing more to do than visit the Killer Whale museum. This museum told quite a few amusing legends about a Killer Whale “Old Tom”, who supposedly helped whale hunters catch other whales.

Because Eden was so boring, we drove a bit further to Merimbula where we had a very fun evening playing bowling, arcade games, drinking sparkling wine in a non-spanish bar called “Cantina” and watching a typical Hugh Grant movie. We walked off the wine on the beautiful boardwalk the next morning and dropped by a 2nd hand bookshop for some reading.

Morning walk on the Merimbula boardwalk

Although we walked off the wine, we had to stop by the Bega Cheese Factory while driving to Bateman’s Bay. It had free cheese samples! And giant milkshakes in “Moo Moo” cups.

Bega Cheese Factory
Beautiful Tourist Drive between Bega and Tilba Tilba

That Friday roadtrip also brought us by the cutest “heritage” village of Central Tilba. It’s a National Trust recognized village of 223 people where every house sells some local craftwork. Unfortunately our luggage is already stuffed so we couldn’t buy any trinkets. We did however get a Chai Latte in the local coffee shop.

Tilba Coffee Shop Central Tilba

After a good night’s sleep in Bateman’s Bay, we went to see some animals in the Birdland Animal Park.

Birdland Animal Park

In this tiny, non-commercial park, we finally got up close and personal with Kangaroos (they licked our hands! while we were feeding them!!), Wombats, Deers, Koalas, Parrots and Mr Goat!

Pangan and the Parrots

We were allowed to pet Trixie, the lovely little wombat!

Wij en de Wombat

Andrew was convinced one of the Kangaroos was possessed.

Evil Kangaroos

Melanie kissed a goat…

Kissing Mr Goat

And we met the laziest Koala ever.

Koala on a Stick

The day kept on being quite eventful… We went to Pebbly Beach and the road up to there turned out to be more adventurous and exciting than the white sandy beach itself. To cut a long story short, we ended up being stuck in a ditch that was not even deeper than 20 cm (way to go steve!) and had to be towed out by a friendly Ozzie with 4 wheel drive and a rope. Guess who was driving?

To recover from all this action, we had a fun evening in a bar @ Huskisson. Oysters, wedges with sour cream, sparkling wine and a live band, what more does one need to relax!

That sunday we woke up and the sun shined down on our slightly hungover heads. Beach time! Steamer Beach in Borderee NP was the perfect spot and probably the most beautiful beach in Australia. It was worth the 3 km steep walk through the forest to get to this secluded beach.

The Most Beautiful Beach In Australia
Clear Waters At Steamers Beach

In the afternoon we took the Grand Pacific Drive and drove by Kiama, famous for its spectacular Blow Hole. However there seemed to be a malfunction as the Blow Hole was doing absolutely nothing at all.

We decided to spent the last day with Steve in Blue Mountains. We wanted to do this trip when we first arrived in Oz but were held back by the rain. This time the skies were blue as can be.

Blue Mountains
Indecent behavior at Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains is a big area up in the mountains 100 km from Sydney. We stationed ourselves in the sleepy town of Blackheath, which was a good base camp to do the most beautiful walk of Blue Mountains: The Grand Canyon Valley Walk. This daunting walk brings you from the top of the canyon all the way down to the narrow creek through a magical rainforest.

Andrew in the magical forest
Melanie rocks

The downside of going down 600 steps is you have to get all the way up, which felt like 6000 steps. Despite of all the heavy sweating and puffing, it was the most magical walk we did in Australia. And we made a friend along the way: Dizzy.


Now back to Sydney, the city of the “Oprah” House.