Manly Spit

Manly – Thursday, 04 November 2010
Manly and not so Manly

Woke up this morning at 6:30, damn you jet-lag, but we decided to make the best of it, and make it a long fun day out. However, the weather was not cooperating (eg. typical Belgian weather). Nevertheless, we took the ferry boat to Manly, a small coastal town near Sydney. We read somewhere that Manly offered a nice Scenic Walk from Manly wharf to Spit Bridge (~10km). We started our walk in the rain but after a while the sky became brighter and so did the birds and flowers. We saw wild colorful parrots and a big fluffy bird. The Scenic Walk was amazing with spectacular views on the Ocean and Sydney. Along the walk we also saw some fancy pantsy villa’s with ocean views and private beaches. We call dibs!

Colorful Parrots Fluffy Bird

At 2pm we returned to Sydney where rain was still pouring down from the skies, so we decided to take a nap… A long nap. Damn you jet-lag.

Sydney Skytower

In the evening we went to Darling Harbour, which offers architectural pleasure to the eyes: skyscrapers, wharfs, boats, old churches, fountains and flame spitting bars. From there we went to Chinatown were we wanted to grab a meal, but ended up not having any meal, because Andrew was afraid of the chinese girls throwing menu’s in our faces. So we chose to just go back to the Rocks and drink wine and beers in a really cool Ozzie bar next to our Hostel.

Tomorrow we’re going to pick up our Wicked Van and then.. The real adventure begins!

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