The Great Escape

Sydney – Wednesday, 03 November 2010
Sydney Opera House

Monday, 1st of November was D-day. The day of our great escape to Australia. We travelled for 26 hours and passed three international airports: Frankfurt, Singapore and Sydney, our final destination. During twenty-six hours we only saw daylight for three hours and received dinner and breakfast twice (with only a few hours in between). We arrived Wednesday, 3rd November, at 6:35 local time (UTC+10) and we saw clear blue skies. We missed you guys! :-)

Because check-in time in our hostel was only @ 2pm, we decided to go and explore wonderful Sydney. First of all we saw the great monuments: Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Then we took a stroll in the lovely royal botanic gardens where you can see a mixture of plants, trees, flowers and all kinds of flying creatures. For example: more than a hundred bats awoke from their beauty sleep in the trees because of the sound of two low flying helicopters. Melanie is convinced the bloodsucking creatures took revenge on humanity by pooping on her dress while we took a nap. We also met big parrots that tried to eat Melanies dress. Andrew defended her ferociously.

Fighting Bats Attack of The Parrots

It is now a little after 2pm, so we better check in, have that hard earned shower and take a nap…